Transition Programs

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Laura Borges

Assistant Director of Special Education

e: [email protected]

p: (508) 653-6776 x227

Transition Program Location:

ACCEPT Center for Learning & Growth

4 Tech Circle, Natick, MA 01760

(508) 653-6776


Transition Program Hours:

8:00am – 2:00pm

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Transition programs for students aged 18-22 at ACCEPT Center for Learning and Growth that ready students for employment, college, high school or special diploma, independent living or adult services.

Ongoing Assessment and Evaluation

Our programs are fueled by measures and ongoing assessment protocols to initially design each students’ individual program, routinely monitor progress and adjust students’ programs so that they reach their full potential.

Each student’s program is informed by a variety of assessments that identify individual needs, preferences, and interests to inform goals for independent living, vocational and/or academic pursuits.

Specialized Instruction

  • Special educators, DESE-endorsed transition specialists, certified vocational/rehabilitation counselors, job coaches, and licensed service providers collaborate to help students work towards their goals
  • A seasoned team of speech/language pathologists, behaviorists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and behavioral health professionals provide specialized therapies and services
  • On-site nurses who work collaboratively with classroom teams
  • Our technology rich environment offers digital devices such as AAC, Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, and interactive whiteboards
Opportunities to Foster Independence

  • Access community resources including grocery stores, banks, malls, museums, libraries, parks, gyms, and public transportation
  • Activities in shopping, housing, cooking, nutrition, laundry, travel, finances, and safety give students experience in the activities of daily life
Vocational Development

  • ACCEPT partners with multiple work sites in the community for career exploration, internships, and job placement in the fields of hospitality, child care, clerical, medical, cosmetology, landscaping, food services, and computer technology
  • Certified vocational rehabilitation counselors match interests and aptitude to the right community-work placement. They work with employers to identify reasonable accommodations to allow students to succeed at work
  • Job coaching one-to-one or in small groups promotes success with support fading as appropriate to maximum independence
  • Students are trained in job seeking skills (resumes, interviewing)
  • Simulated work stations and activities facilitate technical, social and workplace skill development
Transition Assessments
Transition Assessments are conducted to assist students and their families in making the transition from school to next steps. Through the assessment process, information is collected in the key areas of employment, independent living, recreation and leisure, community participation and post-secondary learning. The assessment touches on the individual’s needs, preferences and interests and forms the basis for defining goals and services to be included in the Individualized Education Programs (IEP). For more information please contact Anne Donovan at [email protected].