Middle School Programs

Program Information

Lee Drown

Coordinator of Special Education

p: (508) 653-6776 x251

e: [email protected]

Middle School Program Location:

Medway Middle School

45 Holliston Street, Medway, MA 02053

508-533-3230 x4746

Middle School Program Hours:

7:35 – 2:05 (Monday through Friday)

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Grades 6-8 public day programs at inclusion settings in member school districts.

Academic & Therapeutic Components

The therapeutic strand brings together clinical, therapeutic, and behavioral services with rigorous academics, and supports to strengthen life skills. We use an integrated team model that seamlessly blends individualized clinical services within the practices and routines of the school day to help students learn the skills they need in the places they will use them, with more practice opportunities. Each student participates in all classroom activities, and teachers and therapists can focus on skills that are immediately useful leading to better generalization of the skills. The academic curriculum is challenging and engaging, aligned with Massachusetts Curriculum frameworks. Individualized clinical services include:

A therapeutic milieu providing consistent routines and clinical supports

Embedded group social skills instruction and counseling, individual counseling and clinical check -ins, and coping strategy practice

Academic & Life Skills Components

The life skills strand blends academics, daily living, personal/social and occupational skill development with behavioral and social supports in a highly individualized program, tailored to the student’s unique profile, and based on the IEP. This makes every day an opportunity for students to develop self-confidence, self-control, and the life skills to pursue their passions. The program is a great fit for students who have complex language and learning difficulties, have issues with behavior or coping, and need moderate to significant modification to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in order to make effective progress. Features include:

  • Academics and life skills curriculum tailored to the needs of each student.
  • Consistent and predictable routines and structures, shared with families and home providers for adaptation to the home.
  • Expected classroom and community behaviors that are communicated, practiced and reinforced throughout the day.
  • Individual and small group explicit instruction, which may include Social Thinking techniques, self-rating scales, and more.
  • Structured instruction designed to nurture strengths, self-awareness, and executive functioning, providing opportunities to manage time, develop organizational skills, self-advocate, compensate, and generalize new skills to other settings.
Academic & Language-Based Components

The Language-Based strand prepares students for a successful middle school experience by addressing moderate language and learning difficulties. Comprehensive academic, behavioral, and clinical service supports center on developing oral, social, and written language skills to enhance communication and comprehension of academic content. Each student’s program is individualized and based on the IEP, with curriculum aligned with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Individual and small group instruction and opportunities to participate in inclusion settings targets communication and social skills, academics, executive functioning skills and compensatory strategies to increase student independence.