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ACCEPT is a regional non-profit educational organization that promotes excellence and innovation in educational practice for school districts and students in the MetroWest Boston region.

Our mission is to use the collective power of school districts to provide programs and services that maximize the potential of students, their families, educators, and communities. Our hallmark is strength through collaboration, sharing expertise and ideas.

At ACCEPT, we work with parents and districts to design individualized, evidence-based programs for each student addressing academics, behavioral and therapeutic needs, life skills, and specialized services based on the IEP. The goal is to build strengths and self-confidence, and to maximize potential for students in elementary, middle, and high school grades.

Our programs address autism spectrum disorders, emotional/behavioral needs, global impairments/medically involved disabilities, cognitive/intellectual disabilities, language disorders, ADHD/ADD, nonverbal learning disability. ACCEPT programs are supported by a highly trained, specialized team of teachers and specialists, who are hired for their hearts and for their minds.