Rethinking Classroom Behavior: Resources and Strategies for Behavior Management Using a Social Emotional Approach

This workshop will focus on the ownership and expected behaviors of all key staff members and service providers, so that classrooms and small group instruction have the resources to work with and change challenging student behaviors. The professional development will aim to guide the educators through the thicket of social and emotional learning strategies and decide on an approach that works best for them and their students.


Key topics will include:

  • Proactive and reactive responses to behavior
  • Creating a concise and clear set of expectations
  • Strategies that incentivize expected behavior: Tangibles vs. Abstract Choices
  • The importance of tone, cadence, volume and words
  • Handling transitions from preferred to non-preferred activities
  • The importance of follow through and when to wipe the slate clean
  • Understanding the differences among challenging behaviors, problems to be solved, and lagging skills
  • The importance of shared language within your team
  • Addressing the difference in rules between home and school
  • Ensuring that incentives and consequences are agreed upon with all team members
  • Treating challenging behavior like a learning disability: teach the lagging skills
  • When and why to send a student out of your group

Presenter: Ben Rogers

Dates & Times: August 17, 2023, 8:30am – 2:30pm

Cost: $225 ACCEPT members per session; $275 non-members per session

Audience: Paraprofessionals, General Educators, Specialists and Administrators; school teams are encouraged to attend

Location:· ACCEPT Education Collaborative, 4 Tech Circle, Natick, MA

Earn: 6 PDPs