Making Sense of Data Webinar Series

Session One:  Identifying Data Takeaways

July 25, 2023; 9:30am – 11:00am

During this session, we will unpack different ways that Exploratory Data Analysis can assist in our efforts to make sense of our quantitative assessment data in deeper and more illuminating ways. And we will identify approaches to connect pattern identification and conclusions from quantitative and qualitative assessment data to consider what it could mean for our teaching practices.

Session Two:  Communicating with and from Data

August 22, 2023; 9:30am – 11:00am

When we work with data we should be consistently talking to one another to seek and receive feedback about our ideas, our data collection and processing approaches, our data analyses, and our conclusions. We will explore ways to integrate the iterative nature of communication and feedback into our process of making sense of assessment data so that it is not on each of us individually to “go it alone”. 

About the Presenter: Kristin Hunter-Thomson, Dataspire

Kristin has worked in science and science education for close to 20 years in various locations around the U.S. and abroad. She pulls from her middle/high school science teaching as well as undergraduate teaching background, her experience in formal and informal education (K-grey), her training in marine science, and her training in program evaluation to oversee the growth and development of Dataspire Education & Evaluation, LLC.

Cost $100 per session or $150 to attend both for ACCEPT members

        $125 per session or $175 to attend both for non-members

Audience:  Teachers, Administrators & Curriculum Directors;  Teams are encourage to attend

Location: via Zoom

Earn:   up to (3) PDPs

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