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Letter from the Executive Director

I am proud to be the Executive Director of an organization that has provided exemplary programs and services to students, parents, educators and school districts for more than forty years. Throughout the years, we have consistently supported a shared vision with our constituents: all unique learners deserve to receive an education maximizing their personal potential. Countless times throughout the past year I heard positive comments from parents about their child’s success…how gratifying!

Every day, the professionals at ACCEPT work to make this vision a reality in an environment of honesty, respect and excellence. With our students at the center of everything we do, we provide high-quality special education programs for students from elementary through high school, with transition programs for students up to 22 years of age.

Our teachers and specialists are hired for their hearts and for their minds, coming together to do something very important. They are all compassionate, highly-skilled and experienced professionals in their areas of expertise.

It’s a great feeling for all of us at ACCEPT to see the look of joy and pride on the faces of parents who have seen their child succeed, in challenges both large and small. These kinds of moments remind me of what a special organization we are. All of our students are unique individuals with their own potential ready to be unlocked. I’m proud of them all and grateful to be part of their success.

We serve parents by giving them real, practical help with their child’s individual challenges. Ongoing communication and collaboration between parents and our professionals is an essential part of every student’s success.

We serve educators. Great teachers are what really make the difference. Learning and sharing helps every professional improve his and her effectiveness. We train educators throughout New England, offering a broad range of professional development opportunities including workshops and courses for college credit.

We serve school districts, helping them to actualize and improve their services for unique learners. We even transport over 500 students with disabilities safely to school and back every day. ACCEPT prides itself on its core partnering principle of responsiveness to the pressing needs of our member school districts. We understand the work districts are doing is critical and important and cannot wait. It takes energy, focus, commitment and skill from everyone involved.

All of us at ACCEPT, parents, educators and school districts… we are all partners, intimately involved in the success of our students… one team, working together so all unique learners can receive an education maximizing their personal potential. Not only do we all serve students, we serve each other. The result is a group of skilled, supportive and passionate people who are helping our students get the education they deserve.

On the wall of my office is a framed writing assignment of one of our students. It says “the happiest day of my life was when I found out that I could stay at the ACCEPT Academy.” It’s my reminder of why we are doing what we do. Our students love and appreciate being part of ACCEPT, and I pledge to all of you that ACCEPT will strive continuously to improve the learning experience of all our unique learners in an environment of respect and excellence.


Marcia J. Berkowitz, Ed.M, M.Ed.
Executive Director

220 North Main Street, Suite 201, Natick, MA 01760 (508) 653-6776