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(Individually Designed Education to Access Learning)

  • Global Impairments Medically Involved

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Program Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

Start Date:  August 29, 2017

Program Overview

ACCEPT’s Individually Designed Education to Access Learning (IDEAL) Program is designed for students with global impairments that impact their education, communication, mobility and health related needs. Staff work with students, families, schools, outside clinicians, family support agencies, and insurance carriers to provide for the intensive support services required for the unique needs of our students.

The classroom is rich in resources, including an emphasis on assistive technology and augmentative communication devices. Students are supported in the use of symbols, photos, single-switches, and switch accessed toys, music and computers. Direct hands-on input is woven into all activities including sensory-motor integration, physical therapy, feeding, language development and other activities of daily living.

A multi-disciplinary team of experienced staff, parents and medical specialists work together to provide comprehensive and coordinated services. A registered nurse is assigned to the program to support the complex medical needs of the students. Additionally, related service providers are available for our students including: speech/language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and vision specialists. All related services are offered within the classroom so that students continue to have access to the necessary environmental supports and so that classroom staff may engage in and generalize skills during the week as well.

Educational Services

The IDEAL Program offers highly specialized individual and small group instruction through the building of entry-point skills for students to engage in and access the world around them. This functional approach to skill-building focuses heavily on balancing our students unique needs with their strengths and desire to interact with the world around them. Assurance of quality of life and enjoyment of the physical and social environments that our students interact with each day is a primary goal of our staff so that both our students and their mainstream peers may engage in the mutual benefit and enrichment of a diverse educational community.

Students build entry point academic skills, in large part, through ACCEPT’s consistent technology-rich classroom offerings. The IDEAL classroom has a variety of augmentative communication devices, switches, computers, iPads, and other assistive technology devices that allow for out students to learn in an engaging and progressive manner. Classroom stations providing sensory and vision related activities have also been constructed to provide outlets for our students needs in all areas including the use of mat tables, swings, wedges, pillows, and therapy balls. Students also engage in music therapy within the classroom on a weekly basis.

Students also both benefit from and provide benefit to their school community through opportunities for “reverse-inclusion” whereby second grade mainstream peers visit the classroom for a weekly activity and build social bonds with our students. Activities include guided social interactions, singing/musical play, cooking activities, and utilization of parallel play using our many technology resources.

Health Services

A dedicated nurse stationed within the IDEAL Program classroom, and overseen by the ACCEPT Collaborative Nurse Leader, is a key support for our students who have unique medical needs that must be monitored and addressed during the school day. We strive to provide the highest level of school-based medical care to our students and to maintain their integrity and dignity throughout the school day. A private classroom area is designated for toileting/changing needs, and any required medical procedures during the school day.

Our service providers have also been instrumental in helping families to access and advocate for medical services and equipment through facilitating communications with or providing information to various community support agencies or insurance carriers. Our staff’s vast experience in accessing and communicating with outside agencies has been a key support for families as they work as part of a collaborative team.


4 Tech Circle, Natick, MA 01760 (508) 653-6776