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Specialized Transportation Services

Since 1978, ACCEPT Education Collaborative has provided regional specialized transportation services for our member school districts. We deliver safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective transportation services for over 500 students with specialized needs to over 100 locations daily. Our vehicles are equipped with both GPS and Direct Connect phones. All of our drivers are carefully screened utilizing CORI, SORI, CHRI, and drug testing and are appropriately licensed and supervised. Further all staff participate in the following trainings: defensive driving, first aid, medical emergencies, Epi-pen administration, disability awareness, behavior management and the safe transport of students with various disabilities. In addition, all wheelchair van drivers and monitors are trained in CPR.

The ACCEPT Transportation Parent Handbook was developed to provide pertinent information and promote clear communication regarding transportation services. Parents are encouraged to use the Handbook, which is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, as a reference throughout the school year. The Parent Handbook and the ACCEPT Van Driver Handbook are updated regularly to reflect evolving needs as they are identified.

ACCEPT Transportation instituted an enhanced service during the past year in response to district requests. ABA-monitors are available for students who exhibit significant maladaptive behaviors who otherwise would not be able to access transportation services.

During inclement weather, schedules become secondary to safety. We will do our best to arrive at your home and at school in a timely manner. Please feel free to contact the Transportation office with any concern, questions, problems, or suggestions you may have regarding our services.



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